Evan… 9 days old

I think I’m having a newborn marathon right now! So many sweet babies and wonderful families! Sweet little Evan was so tiny and such a beautiful boy. Just 9 days old!

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Jessica Fisher - June 22, 2011 - 3:15 pm

Jen, i LOVE your photos, this little boy is too much. he looks like a MAN already! LOVE all your stuff, i want to comment on every new post of your but don’t want to scare you 🙂 you do amazing work!!!

Cori Henderson - June 22, 2011 - 9:48 am

Oh! He is precious and those images are absolutely stunning!!!

PAQUITA HALL - June 22, 2011 - 8:59 am

OMG this pics are soooooooo cute it makes me want one !!!!!!!

Great Job!!!

Corin Jones - June 21, 2011 - 8:06 pm

That smile is insanely awesome! What a sweetheart!

Charlotte {southern ca. newborn photographer}

I have had so many newborns lately and I’m loving it! Meet miss Charlotte, just 8 days old. She had the most beautiful hair color I have seen on a baby. It looks like she came straight from the salon!


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Amory - July 22, 2011 - 5:49 am

Came over from Lens Love and just had to comment. I really think these have a unique look to them. Your style is fabulous. Great work, Jen!

[…] In honor of Drew’s upcoming arrival, I thought we’d share a little baby love today. Meet Charlotte, 8 days old with a full head of gorgeous blonde hair. And those detail shots of her hands Jen, too precious. A big thank you to Southern California photographer Jen Gagliardi for sharing this precious little one with us. To see more of this little beauty, visit Jen’s blog here. […]

Jenne - June 27, 2011 - 3:39 pm

Wow! What a beautiful newborn and what great pix!! I especially like the background of the greenery and the purple flowers.

7 months… {Southern Ca. Baby Photographer}

I love photographing this age! She just started to sit up, made the cutest expressions, I love they way she holds her hands and make the cutest smirks and smiles! About 6 or 7 months is really the first stage after the “newborn” age to photograph next. She was absolutely adorable and such a good baby I don’t think she whined or cried once! Loving these!!

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